Jeff Bezos success story(Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group)


Jeff Bezos success story  :– Friends in this article I will tell you about Jeff Bezos success story(Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group). So Friends please read this article till end carefully. Jeff Bezos success story –

Jeff Bezos success story
Jeff Bezos success story 


Jeff Bezos Birth and Early Life —

The Complete Jeffrey Preston Bezos of Jeff Bezos Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He was born on 12 January 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His mother’s name was Jacqueline Jacklyn and father’s name was Ted Jorgensen. At the time of his birth, his mother was only 17 years old and he was attending high school. But only 18 months after Jeff’s birth, his father Jrgensen left his mother and left. In such a situation, the mother started raising Jeff alone.   

When Jeff was 4 years old, his mother Jacqueline married Mike Bezos with Mike Bezos. Thus Jeff’s new name became Jeff Bezos. Jeff’s new father was originally from Cuba and immigrated to America at the age of 15. He used to work as an engineer in a company.     Jeff Bezos was very interested in technology since childhood. It is said that when he was three years old, he was found trying to convert his bed to a normal bed by removing the safety board with the help of a screw driver.  It is said that Jeff had made such an electric alarm in his childhood, which started ringing before anyone entered the room and alerted them. He did this to beware of his younger brother. Because whenever he used to come to their room, he used to bother them a lot.     

Education and early work of Jeff Bezos —

Jeff Bezos success story
Jeff Bezos success story 

Jeff’s early education took place at Miami Palmetto Senior High School in Houston’s River of Elementary School, Miami. Jeff graduated in electrical engineering & computer science from the  Princeton University. In 2008, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Carnegie Mellon University for his work in science and technology.

Jeff wanted to stand on his own feet from the beginning. So he started working in McDonald’s along with his studies. At that time Jeff was only 16 years old. While working at McDonald’s, he learned the art of dealing with customers and working under pressure. Along with this, he also realized that a successful manager is needed to run a successful business. 

:- Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

 :- Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

The Marriage and Family of Jeff Bezos —

After graduating in 1986, Bezos started working in the computer field on Wall Street. There he met Mackenzie Scott. This identity of theirs brought color and in 1993 both the people got married. Jeff has 3 sons from McKenzie. Apart from this, he has also adopted a girl from China.

McKenzie is a writer and social worker. On his request, Jeff started the $2 billion ‘Bezos Day One Foundation’ in 2018, through which welfare programs are run for the low income group. He got divorced from McKenzie in the year 2019, in which he had to give 4 percent of his 16 percent shares in Amazon to McKenzie. The price of those 4 percent shares was 2.5 lakh crores at that time and thanks to those shares, McKenzie became the third richest woman in the world.

:- Jeff Bezos success story

:- Jeff Bezos success story

Starting an online business —

Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group
Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

While working on the Internet in April 1994, he read that the use of the Internet is increasing at the rate of 23 hundred percent every year. With this, the idea of ​​doing an online business came in his mind. After much thought, he resigned from the online job and decided to sell books online.

Jeff designed a software for this and started his business under the name of cadbara. For this work he used the garage of his house. For his work he took the help of three computers and some employees. To start this business, he had invested about $ 3 lakh, in which his father Mike Bezos helped him financially.

At the time of the start of his business, one day his father Maguel asked Jeff’s mother – Jeff has started internet work. Do you are  know what this internet is? To this his mother replied- ‘I have full faith in my son, not on the Internet.’    Amazon renaming —   Jeff lived up to his mother’s trust and started doing business of 20 thousand dollars in two weeks. But three months after starting his business, he changed the name of his company. And named the company Amazon after America’s famous river Amazon. Jeff believes in walking at the speed of a tortoise not like a hare. He started focusing on customer satisfaction and expansion right from the start of the company and within two months expanded his business to 50 states of America. Jeff also started selling CDs, software, and electronics items through his company in 1998 and gradually expanded its range. By 2000, the company grew so well that his parents, who were 6% shareholders in Amazon, became billionaires thanks to those shares.

:- Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

 :- Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

Aerospace Company Blue Origin Aerospace Company Blue Origin —

Jeff Bezos always dreamed of going to space. He started the aerospace company ‘Blue Origin’ on 8 September 2000 with the aim of turning his dream into reality. Bezos’ attachment to this company can be understood from the fact that he is investing about $1 billion every year in Blue Origin.

Blue Origin is working on a project through which the rocket can be landed vertically. For this, he has also collaborated with NASA. If this seemingly impossible fantasy of Jeff is realized in the future, then it will allow the rocket to be used again and again. The biggest advantage of this will be that the cost of space travel will decrease dramatically and more and more people will be excited for space travel.  Bezos is very serious about this plan. They say that “we are going to build a road to space. And you’ll see amazing things happen again.” 

Jeff Bezos net worth —

Jeff Bezos is currently known as the richest person in the world due to his hard work and dedication. His total wealth in Indian Rupees is about 14 lakh crores and it is increasing at the rate of 34 percent per annum.

 In July 2017, Bezos surpassed Microsoft founder Bill Gates to become the richest man in terms of earnings. But from time to time, due to the rate of inflation and the ups and downs of the stock market, his net worth has been increasing and decreasing, due to which his number one crown has been snatched from time to time. In this case, his biggest challenge has been meeting Tesla company CEO Elon Musk, French fashion tycoon Bernard Arnault and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.  According to Forbes magazine, as of 7 pm on May 27, 2021, Jeff has a total income of $ 188.4 billion and he currently occupies the position of the richest person in the world.

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Secrets of Jeff Bezos’s success —

Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group
Founder & Former CEO of Amazon Group

An in-depth look at this stupendous success of Jeff Bezos, the things that stand out are his ability to take risks, passion for his work and his thinking that puts the interests of the customers first. He had said at the time of starting his company Amazon – “I knew that if I failed, I would regret it. But I also knew that the one thing I might regret is not trying.   Jeff Bezos considers the biggest reason for his success to be the trust of customers. That’s why they are ready to bear their loss to remove the displeasure of the customers. They say that if you make a customer sad, he shares his experience with 500 friends, not 5 friends.

When Bezos quit his job and started selling books online, his decision was criticized by everyone. But still he accepted the risk. Because they knew that for great success, great risk is also necessary. In the words of Jeff himself – “If you think someday you will regret not taking a risk, then you should take it.” Because the ability to take risks determines the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. 

Conclusion –

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