What is the purpose of global education (Global education system)

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What is the purpose of global education
What is the purpose of global education

 What is the purpose of global education

What is Global Education (ग्लोबल एजुकेशन क्या है)

A global education is one that the incorporates learning about our cultures, histories, geographies, and current issues of all the world’s regions. It is emphasizes the interconnected and diversity of all peoples and histories. Global education developed the students skills to engage with their global peers and highlights the  actions of  students can take as citizens of the whole  world. It is  lens that can be  applied for all disciplines and all grade levels as well as the broader school communities..

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What is the purpose of global education

Why now (अभी क्यू)

Global learning is essential in the 21st century as barriers between nations and people continues to fade, From the information we consume to the business we conduct to the people for we meet, Our lives are becoming ever more global. The diversity of our community reflect this reality as well. It follows that the   students need to become a more informed and compassionate citizens, and teachers are critical to making this all happen.

What is the purpose of global education (Global education system) 

What can we/you do?

What is the purpose of global education (Global education system)
What is the purpose of global education (Global education system)

All educators have a individual responsibility to create a globally inclusive environment for students. A global classroom can enabled students to connect with another ideas and the  cultures as they navigate and evaluate a variety of information.

Teachers of all follows disciplines can create the  meaningful learning opportunities that explored cross-cultural perspectives, We draw from international examples, and encouraged  analytical thinking about global issues. these global learning experiences prepare students to engage the larger world with greater confidence with others, thoughtfulness, and empathy.  All the  students of our world  deserve a high-quality global education. Working together with the  educators and schools..

The progressive and good education movement of the twentieth century included most of several components, one  which was the placed on the democratic educational approach and accepting the needs and interests of an increasingly diverse student body in an increasingly interdependent world. In the year of 1920 this was back in the rebirth of the  comparative studies.
 In the year of 1940, progressive education was again classified as an interngroup education. At the year of 1950s it was focused on area studies, ethnic studies and race relations. At 1960 it added some peace and conflict studies and human rights education, international studies, and open classrooms.

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What is the purpose of global education (Global education system) –

In  1970,  the women’s liberation African-American liberation and  liberation movements going on in both positive and negative terms. In our field of education this was again reflected in the introduction of some  multicultural and environmental education.

In The 1980s we saw the introduction of global education and world Studies both. From the 1980 to the early 2000 multicultural education as well as  global education is  remained constant in  historical context.

What is the purpose of global education
What is the purpose of global education

Then, Global Perspective in our  education is not only  a new idea.   Then, Most of the  efforts was doing in this direction and can be traced in our earlier history and World War II is something like of a watershed in its development. After completing the war, a widespread movement began around all the world to foster education for ” All World Understanding ” with the purpose of the  preventing a  World War lll.  Children’s books in war-torn Europe and Japan  and the USSR featured peace and antiwar theme, empathetic stories about children of the other lands.

In United States, the Cold War chill and slow, the movement for a sometime, especially in the 1950, when McCarthyites saw the “communism” behind every of effort to increase international cooperation. But even in all this climate  some of educational leaders saw that the United States couldn’t remain isolated forever from the rest of the all  world and then “international education” was in the national self-interest. The Soviet launch of Sputnik in the year of 1957 was a spur not only to improved science education but they  also to increased the  pressure in the United States for improve  international education. 

What is the purpose of global education?

And after some year  later Congress was passed the 1958 National Defense Education Act (NDEA). Under Title VI it focus on the teaching of foreign studies and  languages, and cultural understanding. However, practice did not match; allocations was minimal. Years of effort followed, as a  groups of educators and others in the United States pressed for congress support for substantive international and global education programs. For a sometime, under the Carter administration and leadership of Ernest Boyer as a  commissioner of education, major of  breakthroughs seemed imminent. Boyer condemned education that was failed to acquaint students with the interdependence of all humans and the fragility of a life in an unstable world. In this time, fourteen states adopted global education and guidelines or programs. And also  the nation of global education came under fire during the Reagan administration, support was growing among some US business and all educational leaders.


What is the purpose of global education
What is the purpose of global education

But, even among those who was accept the need for a global education, there was no widespread agreement on thus  , purposes, definition and objectives. Phrases such as education for world understanding  intercultural,international, global, or a foreign affairs education; global perspectives in transnational or planetary education.. perspectives; or education for spaceship earth —these was used interchangeable , even by all professionals, blur important distinctions. This was  may be symptomatic of the new and tenuous nature of thought and  institutions at a given time. And The various terms also reflect a certain historical development. References to “global,” “interdependent,” “transnational,” and “planetary” education emanated in part from a new perspective of the planet as seen from outer space in national political boundaries were seened  as artificial human creations, the real subject being the life and functioning integrity of planet as a whole.

What is the purpose of global education –

What is the purpose of global education
What is the purpose of global education

Learning Experimently –

 It is  founding, World Learning has encouraged peoples to learn by doing. We give  motivation of  students for actively participate in their education for better learning, and we promote collaboration among all the key players as they were work to create lasting change in educational system.

Development Leadership – 

 Strong leadership is very critical to transforming the educational system. Our programs trained  teachers to take ownership of their classrooms and  management skills among administrators and government officials and encourage all students and communities to get involved..

Inclusion – 

 Everyone should be able to access a quality of  education. To support for our youth and we provide psycho-social training and also created school-community partnerships, safety nets and referral systems. We are also promote disability inclusion and  other inclusive policies as well as flexible learning formats for merge peoples.

Innovation – 

 Innovation is good to transformation. We help to schools remain on the cutting edge of advancing student learning by working with governments to created the standards-based tools and process and provide training to keep faculty up-to-date on the latest trends in education…

What is the purpose of global education (Global education system)


Conclusion –

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