Body Language Tips(how to improve body language)


Body Language Tips :-Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article we are going to talk about Body Language Tips. If you know about Body Language Tips(how to improve body language), then read this article till the end


Body Language Tips
Body Language Tips

Hello friends, you must have seen that some people understand just by looking at them that how much confidence they have, it seems that these people cannot do anything wrong and whatever they say, their words will be taken with confidence. Because they have such a tremendous body language, without speaking and without explaining anything, sometimes it seems that we also do not say anything and people understand, without explaining anything, body language is a kind of non-verbal conversation. In which everything is said by our gestures without words, that is, by looking at the body language, we can recognize all the emotions and expressions of the person in front and understand what is said through them. It is that we do not forcefully use it, but unknowingly our thoughts come out through our body language. And if the person in front wants to read Body Language, then it can be very easy for him to know what we are thinking, then friends, if you also want to understand Body Language, then today’s Body Language Tips (Body Language) How to improve) In the article, we will tell about Body Language only.

Body Language Tips
Body Language Tips

If friends, you also really want to know, how to improve body language, then in today’s article I will tell you some important things about Body Language Tips which will help in improving your Personality to a great extent and your Self Confidence. Will increase To make your body language attractive and best, read carefully all the things mentioned in this Body Language Tips in Hindi article, only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to improve your body language.

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What is Body Language ?

Body language is a type of non-verbal communication, to perform which you do not need words at all, but your thoughts are displayed through your body language. Your body language can tell a lot about your personality that you might not be able to tell with your words, including your facial expressions, eye movements, body posture etc.

Body Language Tips –

1. Facial Expressions –

Facial Expressions are also an option of Body Language, you can know a lot about the person in front by reading Facial Expressions, many emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, displeasure can be detected by Facial Expressions like raised eye. Horizontal wrinkles in the brow and forehead show surprise, while the wrinkles seen between the brows in the forehead show fear to fear Angry means a vertical line appears between the brows in expressions of anger, while happy i.e the cheeks rise in the time of happiness. live and your teeth may show.

2. Eye Experience –

Body Language Tips
Body Language Tips

Eye Expressions are also a part of Body Language.

• If the person in front is making direct eye contact with you while talking to you, then understand that that person is taking interest in your talk and is listening to your words with full attention.

• If a person keeps looking in your eyes for a long time then maybe he is trying to scare you..

• If the person in front is avoiding making eye contact with you, then understand that he is not comfortable in talking with you at all or he is trying to hide his real feelings.

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3. Mouth Expression –

Body Language Tips
Body Language Tips

You can also know a lot from Body Language like Mouth Expression, such as

• The person covering your mouth tries to hide any emotional reaction you have.

 • A person who presses the lips tightly can show disapproval or distrust, while having the mouth slightly up can tell that the person is happy. Is.

• If the person in front is avoiding making eye contact with you, then understand that he is not comfortable in talking with you at all or he is trying to hide his real feelings.

4. Gestures Expression –

A lot can also be known from Body Language like Gestures Expression, such as

• Closed fist Closed fist can have two meanings, one is anger and the other is unity.

• Gestures like Thumbs up and Thumbs down show approval and disapproval.

5. Arms And Legs Expressions –

Even non-verbal information can be easily understood through arms and legs, such as

• Crossing hands can show self-protection or defensive reaction.

• The person keeping the same hands tied backwards can feel angry or bored.

• Sitting by crossing the legs in front of someone looks dislike and discomfort and sitting in open posture with legs open shows friendliness.

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6. Social Distance Expressions –

Body Language Tips
Body Language Tips

This is also a part of the body language in a way, it means that you will be comfortable standing at the same distance as you have with the person in front, let’s understand some situation and distance related to it.

• Intimate Distance – Approximately six to eighteen inches is such a distance that two people like to be close to each other.

• Personal Distance – One to four feet This type of distance is between family members and friends and it is easy and comfortable for them to interact and talk in such a distance.

• Social Distance – Four to Twelve feet This type of distance is with people we meet occasionally.

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways Body Language Tips  ( how to improve body language) and we hope that you have liked our Body Language Tips article, and they will also prove to be helpful for you. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.







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