Gautam Adani success story (Gautam Adani’s success story)


Gautam Adani success story :- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article we will discuss Gautam Adani success story. To know about Gautam Adani success story(Gautam Adani’s success story), then read this article till the end.

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

Story of Gautam Adani’s success –

Adani has a famous dialogue – no business is small or big and no religion is bigger than business. Gautam Adani introduced exactly this dialogue in his life. Whatever business he got on time, he did it with all his heart and kept moving forward. No unsuccessful person is ever seen lying on the ground, everyone salutes the rising sun. And maybe it is burning like the midday sun, then it dazzles everyone’s eyes. One such successful person and the name of a great person is Gautam Adani.

Today, in this Gautam Adani success story in Hindi article, we talk about the struggles and successes of Adani, the most successful businessman at present. First Gautam Adani did a job to meet the family expenses, then left the job to do business and at the age of only 20, Adani started his business. Then he never looked back.

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 Gautam Adani success story

Birth of Gautam Adani –

Gautam Adani ji was born on 24 June 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and if we talk about his family, then these were six siblings. Very few people would know that Gautam Adani’s family used to be very weak financially earlier. And being poor, his entire family lived in Sheth Chawl in Pol area of ​​Ahmedabad.

The story is from the year 1980. At that time, Adani did not even have a scooter of his own, instead he used to see people sitting behind on the scooter of his closest childhood friend Malay Mahadeviya. And an important reason for this friendship was that Adani’s English was also very weak and his friend Mahadeviya’s English was good. Later Mahadeviya became his business partner. At present, Adani is also the richest industrialist of India.

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Why Gautam Adani Drop the college – 

To meet the family expenses, Adani, like every youth in the job, after completing his schooling, took admission in Gujarat University for graduation. During his graduation, his family faced a crisis of livelihood. In worrying situations Adani missed studies and could not even complete it. He turned his back on his college and went on a challenging and struggling journey of earning money.

He left his city Ahmedabad and moved to big areas like Mumbai and started working in a diamond company there on a very small salary. But Gautam Adani did not come to Mumbai only to do a job. He had come to do business. He left the job after some time.

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

Adani had only one dream, that was to bring his family out of poverty. This could not be possible with a job, because it was becoming very difficult to meet the expenses of 8 family members in a fixed salary. Adani left the job. Then began the journey of hard work to reach from the ground to the sky.

 At the age of 20, Gautam Adani started his business and opened a diamond brokerage outfit at the age of 20. And he had the passion to work hard. He worked hard for his outlet for a year.  It is said that hard work never goes in vain, now the success of Gautam Adani had started. Luck also supported the business and the very next year the turnover of Adani’s outlets started in lakhs. Now it was time for a change. Adani started working in a plastic factory in Ahmedabad at the behest of his brother Mansukhlal.

Open plastic industry –

Gautam Adani success story in Hindi
Gautam Adani success story in Hindi

Now it was Adani’s turn to move forward and also enter the business field completely. Adani started a successful business of importing PVC pipes on the basis of whatever training he had taken in the plastics company. Adani also established the export-import-company Adani Enterprises in 1988.  Never looked back again, it is said that one should dream big. And you should work hard to make your dream successful. That’s exactly what Gautam Adani did.

You just imagine that at one time a person had to leave his studies due to huge financial problems and had to take the help of a friend’s scooter to walk, that person today travels in his own private jet and his wife lives in the country. The NGO is running to provide free education to thousands of poor children of India, it is all without hard work.

Adani at present

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

Talking about the present time, Gautam Adani’s business is spread all over the world in coal trading, mining, oil and gas distribution, ports, multi-modal logistics, power generation-broadcast sectors. At present, Adani is the sole owner of assets worth about ten billion dollars. They have the largest export company in India.

All these successes have been achieved by Gautam Adani in the last 30 – 35 years. It is also said by people that the Adani who started his business journey with Maruti-800 and today he has a bunch of BMW vehicles, Ferrari, three helicopters and also Beechcraft aircraft.

Adani Family –

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

Adani’s wife’s name is Preeti. She is a dentist by profession and is also the main organizer of the Adani Foundation. They have two sons, and the names of the sons are Karan and Jeet.

In this journey of one of the most successful businessman, Gautam Adani has not achieved this success very easily. Rather, Adani has sacrificed many things behind this success, his dedication and honesty towards work is a very important contribution.

Why is Gautam Adani in so much discussion again?

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

Just a few days ago, a list of India’s richest has been released, in which Gautam Adani has been described as India’s richest industrialist and Mukesh Ambani came in second place. Much discussion is happening because Mukesh Ambani was the first in this list for many years.

Adani Group has bought a total of 7 airports so far –

AAHL, a subsidiary of the Adani Group, has now become the largest airport company in India. With this, the Adani Group has started the construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport.

What is the relation between Gautam Adani and Narendra Modi?

Gautam Adani success story
Gautam Adani success story

The relation which is between the Prime Minister of India and the common citizen of India, the relation is that of Adani and Modi. Because Adani is an industrialist, Modi is a politician. Both are working to make the country developed, and both are residents of Gujarat.

What is Gautam Adani and the farmer dispute?

This controversy was there earlier. is no more. The central government had implemented three agricultural laws. And farmers all over India were opposing those laws. And in view of this protest, the government has withdrawn all the three agricultural laws. With this the controversy has also ended.

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways Gautam Adani success story (Gautam Adani success story), and we hope that you have liked our Gautam Adani success story article, and it will also prove to be helpful for you. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.




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