How to prevent diseases

How to prevent diseases :- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s How to prevent diseases article, in today’s article we will learn about How to prevent diseases, so that’s why read this article till the end.

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

After the onset of fever, almost everyone takes treatment, but if you keep some good habits everyday, you can also stay away from diseases. Many good things are taught in our culture but in today’s time it is not easy to act according to them.

How to prevent diseases –

In this How to prevent diseases article, some home remedies are given to avoid diseases and diseases, you should understand according to your convenience and follow as much as possible –

  • Keep a copper jug ​​filled with water at night and drink it before sunrise in the morning without brushing it and do it for 15 minutes, it cures all your stomach diseases. This does not make your hair gray prematurely. This water is considered very beneficial.
  • Drink water at least one hour after having a meal, it not only improves your digestive system, but also does not cause diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, cough.
  • Tulsi is a very beneficial plant, eating four leaves of basil daily does not cause heart, stomach diseases as well as prevents major diseases like cancer.
  •  The food should be chewed properly, as well as one should not drink water frequently in between meals and drink lukewarm water one hour after the meal, due to this the digestion process is fine, and obesity is also reduced as well as any of the stomach Disease does not occur.
  •  Eat bitter gourd vegetable once a week, it prevents all things like fever, diarrhea, stomach worms etc. Along with this, bitter gourd also removes obesity.

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Wash your hands

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

The best way to avoid infection with any disease is to wash your hands with soap and water at regular intervals during the day. You can also use a hand sanitizer for this.

Our doctors, nurses, policemen, shopkeepers etc. All these people should take special care of cleaning hands after some time so that you can stay healthy and can help others too. Adopt good habits related to your own hygiene It is very important to adopt some common everyday self-care habits to prevent infection. This includes brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth clean, bathing daily, taking care of your skin, and following the medical team’s advice for wounds and lines/ducts

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Keep the places related to children clean

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

The germs found in dust and soil can also be very harmful for some children who are vulnerable. If the soil is cleaned properly, then it can help to a great extent in avoiding the infection of diseases. The place where the person is provided medical facilities, and take special care of it. toys used by children And all their other stuff could be full of germs. Clean their toys and all electronic items from time to time. Periodically wash soft blankets, toys and sheets with hot water. Change the sheets from time to time.

Avoid contact with the patient

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

Do not come in contact with sick people. For patients whose body is weak, even a slight cold can be dangerous. Some people must wear a mask to isolate the microbes found in the air. Household family members who are sick can wear a mask to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Take rest after meal –

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

Friends, in today’s era, we are living a very run-of-the-mill life, what often happens in that we do not rest at all after having food. And your lack of rest also affects your health. Therefore, if you have still had food, then take rest for some time after that and do not do any hard work after eating.  Because by doing this, the digestion capacity starts decreasing. And it is also not appropriate to sleep after having food. Just walk around for some time after having a meal and you should rest for at least 20 minutes.

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Have fun to stay healthy

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

Friends, many people think that what does health have to do with entertainment? So we would like to tell those people that entertainment has a lot to do with your health. Many scientific research has also come, where it has been proved that if you are happy then you cannot fall ill soon, but according to today’s life, everyone has become settled. And in such a situation it has become very difficult to find time for entertainment but if you want a good and healthy life then you have to entertain. You can entertain in many ways.

Like you can entertain by playing your favorite sport and you can also entertain by watching TV. You can entertain in whatever way you like.

Entertainment makes you laugh a lot and when you laugh, a special kind of hormone relaxes inside your brain. Which helps to a great extent in providing you an experience of joy, which reduces the heaviness of your mind. It also helps to remove the tiredness of your body. 

Healthy body

How to prevent diseases
How to prevent diseases

A good and healthy body is one of the most important assets of every person. If the person’s body is healthy, the mind is calm, then the person is capable of doing any work, that is why it is said in our scriptures that the first happiness is a healthy body. Due to diseases, people’s money is not only wasted, but at the same time the person becomes very upset both mentally and physically and also becomes very depressed. To stay healthy, it is most important and important to pay attention to your diet and routine.  But in spite of this, we start getting sick sometimes and again and again. In this time we keep changing many doctors and medicines. The main reason for getting sick is the lack of ability of our body, but sometimes there are many other reasons behind it, due to which we are not able to remain healthy and healthy even after taking medicines.

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways how to prevent diseases. And we hope that you have liked our How to prevent diseases article, and it will also prove to be helpful for you. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.







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