How to be healthy and fit (Healthy Life)


How to be healthy and fit :-  Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article we are going to talk about how to be healthy and fit . To know about how to be healthy and fit(what should be done to stay healthy), that is why read this article till the end.

How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

How to be healthy Yes friends, this is a question that every person wants to know the answer to, the environment around us, our food has become so bad that we really need to pay attention to our health.

In today’s time, if people want to keep themselves fit, then they must know about some health tips. For all those who will be very upset by their small health problems and these problems will stand in the way of their success. In this How to be healthy and fit in Hindi article, I am going to tell such tips which will work like nectar in their life and even if you are completely healthy, you can follow these tips so that you can be healthy in future. There should not be any problem related.

 सुबह उठकर 3 से 4 ग्लास पानी जरूर पिए –

How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

Friends, it is most important to stay healthy and drink 3-4 glasses of water if you wake up early in the morning and drink 3-4 glasses of lukewarm water without brushing, then the toxins of the body will come out, keep in mind that after 45 minutes of drinking water, you can do anything. There is no food.

Drink this much water throughout the day

Staying hydrated throughout the day is very important. That’s why you drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day, even if you do not drink enough water, many times you feel weak. Drinking enough water keeps your digestion right and toxins come out from your body.

Got up early in the morning –

The best health tip is to keep your health as good as early in the morning. By getting up, the mind remains calm and the body remains fit.

Exercise/Yoga –

How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

 Friends, exercising daily is such a habit that will never cause disease in your body, so it is very important to get up in the morning and exercise, you must do this exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes, you can do more than this. Morning exercise will keep you full of energy.

Make sure to exercise

To keep the body healthy, then the most important thing is meditation. Friends, both our mental health and our physical health are very fit, so it is very important to do meditation, you must meditate for 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening during the day, by doing meditation we can remain tension free if you will remain tension free. So you will be more healthy. Keep in mind that while meditating, the environment around you should be clean and pleasant.
How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

Light Incense By consuming sunlight in the morning, the body gets good vitamin-D, which is very important for keeping the body’s skin and eyes healthy.

Make sure to have breakfast in the morning – This is such a diet on which 50% of our health depends, some sprouted gram and some dry fruits must be taken during breakfast in the morning, try to have breakfast before 8 o’clock in the morning. You should not drink water immediately after eating food because drinking water immediately after eating food reduces gastric fire in the body due to which the food is not digested properly, so drink water at least 40 minutes after the meal if If the water is lukewarm, it is a very good thing.

How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

Set your meal time –

There is also a way to stay healthy that is to set the time of eating, friends, what time you eat, it depends the most on your health, so it is important to have breakfast at 8 in the morning and have lunch around 12 o’clock. Take it and eat food just before sunset in the evening so that you can take a glass of milk at night while sleeping.

And if you feel hungry in the middle of the prescribed time then whenever you feel hungry and want to eat something then instead of eating unhealthy snacks eat healthy snacks, you can consume dry fruits and fruits etc because unhealthy snacks increase calories.

Reduce intake of sugar and salt –

Friends, if you really want to be healthy, then you have to reduce the amount of sugar from your body very much because sugar causes a lot of harm to your body and if you cannot reduce it then you can replace sugar with honey, sugar candy, jaggery etc. Also, reduce the amount of salt, even if you take salt, then use rock salt only.

Drink Coffee –

Many people have wrong information about coffee that coffee is harmful for our health but this is not true. It has been proved from many places that coffee is very healthy. It is high in antioxidants, and it has also been found that consuming coffee reduces the risk of many other diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Make sure you get enough sleep –

Staying in the body daily, lack of sleep is also a very big reason, friends, if your sleep is not complete then you are bound to suffer some disease, so it is very important that at least 6 hours of sleep must be taken. At the time of sleep, the life force of our body repairs the body so that the body gets rest and we remain full energetic and active.

Spend some time with family and friends –

How to be healthy and fit in Hindi
How to be healthy and fit in Hindi

 The time spent with friends is very pleasant and fun. Which makes your heart happy. And happiness of mind is the foundation of a healthy life.

Always think positive –

Always being positive is most important for health, science has also proved that a positive thinking person remains free from most of all diseases, such a person remains completely healthy and always achieves success in life.

How to be healthy and fit
How to be healthy and fit

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways How to be healthy and fit in Hindi Will be proved. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.







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