Short Powerful motivational quotes

Short Powerful motivational quotes :– Friends in this article I will tell you about Short Powerful motivational quotes in English. So Friends please read this article till end carefully. Lets Start Short Powerful motivational quotes –

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Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes

1. It starts in your mind. We become what we think. Think big to get big

2. Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.. Think Positive be positive and Positive think will happen..

3. Practice leads to perfection and Perfection leads to succession…

4. Self development is the process of achieving and expanding your full potential..

5. Ideas without action are worthless….

6.Give respect then take respect otherwise don’t expect for respect..

7. Every new skill you learn, every adventure you go on, every new thing you try, it only makes you a better artist.

8. Self discipline is a key ingredient to success..

9. Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.

10. We believe it is good to be silent, but sometimes it is more important to speak than to be silent..

11 .Everything, in general that grows on it’s own has life but every living thing doesn’t have conscience.

Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes

12. Losses are meant to bring gains somewhere else.

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13.  Consider it a problem or consider it an opportunity to apply, explore and expand.

14.Tomorrow is going to be reflection of today’s deeds.

15. Very few are able to keep same zeal from start to finish.

 16. No experiments, no personal experiences of truth, facts, myths or happiness.

 17. Only inner strength can safeguard us when all other gears are down.

18. Celebrities, Achievers, Wise people all could be reached for their life insight through books they pen down, physically they may be out of our reach.

19. Life is an individual experience.

20. Things don’t change or happen as per our likings or conveniences but for overall good of the universe.

 21. Joy of giving has no parallel.

 22. Everyone crisis has an opportunity…

 23. One living life of lies avoids facing the truth.

24. When we work on an opportunity, it may cause crisis but if that crisis overwhelms us then we fail the opportunity.

 25.Everything, everyone has a match; sometimes one, sometimes many.

26. Not everyone wins the race, winner adjusts his run to outpace others.

 27. Sometimes a moments interaction gives us life time pleasure.

29.  Same destination has different paths. Early we find our path, early we will reach destination.

 30. Frustration may trap us in wrong direction & in wrong hands.

Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes

31.  Jealousy holds us back even from honouring our own calling.

32.  Responses are in order of preferences & not always in order of priorities.

33.  What we call pleasure may turn out to be illusion.

34. Raising voice doesn’t make wrong thing right.

35.  Most of us live artificial life, far away from how actually we want to live our lives.

36.  Present determines future.   

37. There is always a roar on other side of the silence.

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 38. It rarely happens that one who has edge in the beginning will forever command that edge, others always have the possibilities of marching ahead.

 39. Silence is the sign of existing troubles in the relationship.

40.  We justify every wrong move to pacify our rising aspirations. 

41. We do everything to seek happiness.

42. We fall from favours if we don’t come upto expectations, either of our own or others.

43. World is beautiful. We see, listen & feel the world the way we are from within.

 44. Some are born with the silver spoon, some struggle and mine out gold for themselves.

45.  Either we keep pace with the time or time will pace us out.

46. Either change as per requirement or if you have it in yourself then change the requirement itself.

47. Destruction doesn’t take anytime. Anyone can destroy but only gutsy show the courage to build things up.

 48. Dare & we will have it, dare to dream, dare to take risk, dare to work out of comfort zone,..

49.  Sometimes in order to safeguard someone else’s interests we become the casualty.

50. Silence is most often misunderstood.

Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes


51. Only flexible are able to withstand storm, rigid get uprooted.

52. God personified, that is what you are for me, immense source of life inspiration.

53. Chasing anything, anyone beyond a point is a futile exercise.

 54. Our work, our deeds only can get us what we always crave for.

55. Bad mouthing reflects much on who does it & less for whom it is being done.

56. Losing track doesn’t take anytime, getting back on track takes herculean efforts & thus time.

57. Artificial can never replace original.

58.  Everything else falls in place if we just listen to & believe in our own self.

59. Nothing good, nothing bad. Good or bad is what we make up of it.

60. Request is a good gesture but requesting many times is weakness.

61.  No one can ignore anyone beneficial for their own growth or wellbeing.

62.  Harder the task, sweeter is the success.

 63. Busy person always finds time, others always blame their busy schedule.

 64. Things, knowledge, people, opportunities were all there but we remained aloof till the time it was our chance.

 65. This too shall pass – people with good fortunes dread this phrase while the same phrase provides solace to people going through rough time.

66.  Blame only our chaotic ways if we are not able to manage time.

67. Our success is built on failures of many others.

 68. Every brain is brilliant capable of doing wonders.

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 69. We don’t realise but smallest of negligence can set things upside down.

70.  Not only time but timing is of essence too.

71. Assumptions are the proof that there is no certainty.

72. We limit our reach & experiences blaming it on societal values & upbringingness.

 73. Predictions always have biases.

74.  Differences are essential, these differences alone attract or distract us and remain responsible for beautiful life cycle.

 75. Feelings & emotions have same meaning & messages irrespective of languages we speak & understand.

76. Anything coming to us is always good, anything being chased is always bad.

 77. No one else but our understanding of things and persons leads us to fate we meet.

 78. No loss or gain is permanent.

 Important is not what others say but what we do understand.

79. As mind sharpens, innocence thins away.

 80. Disgruntled people are more vocal in their criticism of others.

Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes


81. Our one denial or acceptance has the potential to change our life forever.

82.  Unable to savour and or appreciate beauty, life disintegrates.

83. We have it but most of us don’t use it, knowledge.

84.  Mind advances us in materialistic world, Soul advances us in spiritual world.

 85. Free gifts are seldom valued but gifts earned with hard work & toiling are valued for lifetime & beyond.

86.  Most often when we speak, we tend to justify.

87.  In a sacrifice everyone tries to find out reasons.

88.  Recognition, Appreciation & Respect are needed by everyone but any of these in excess or shortage test our bonding.

89.  We look outward when internal harmony doesn’t exist.

90.  Jealousy catches up but zeal to struggle doesn’t.

Powerful motivational quotes
Short Powerful motivational quotes

91.  Intent decides our actions.

92.  No one can always be correct.

93.  Help is useful when needed and not when we want to be helpful to sooth our conscience.

94.  We should leave scope for living with faults.

 95. There will always be someone to oppose.

96.  Living king like lifestyle is not possible without working like a slave.

97.  Time is essence of everything.

 98. What we already have is the launching pad for what we always wanted to have. We can’t afford to wait for perfect starting point

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99.   If there are no sufferings, possibility of transition happening is less.

100.  Silence is the best answer in many situations.


Powerful motivational quotes
Powerful motivational quotes


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