How to study for exams in less time

How to study for exams in less time:- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article, we will learn about How to study for exams in less time, so that’s why read this article till the end.

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time

 Friends, we all chase academics success in young age, compete each other to perform best in class and sometimes people study day and night one by one but still they are not able to achieve good results and the same thing. Students who speak before giving the exam, I could not even read properly, often those people get more marks than the rest.
“We should focus on study Smart not Study hard”

Those who are good achievers, they do not work much harder than others, they also study for the same number of hours, sometimes they study very little, but their secret is that they study very effectively in that time, they are like this. If he uses techniques in which he can gain more knowledge in the least time, then in this How to study for exams in less time article, I am going to tell about some such secret.

Quiz And Recall –

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time

Many students make a big mistake, if they have to read or remember something, then they first make notes of that chapter or topic by reading the book or attending class and to remember them again and again those notes. So that they feel that they are doing well, they read a line and immediately repeat them by closing their eyes, then they feel that they have remembered everything and in fact their information is stored in their short terms memory. It remains that which is not remembered for long term.

Many scientists say that by doing this, they create illusion in the students, so that by reading the same thing again and again, they feel that they know everything and when the same question is asked to them in the exam, they do not remember anything because they are now I was memorizing even after studying and in the exam hall, I could not answer after studying.
Albert Einstein is said “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

So when you use the Quiz and Recall method, instead of continuously reading what you have read, if you have started explaining yourself, understand it properly where you are the student and you are the teacher when you write things down. If you understand and explain, then you will be able to write easily in the exam also because your practice of writing has already been done and you had not only studied and understood.

Hard Work is the key to success in Hindi (सफलता के लिए लगन और मेहनत आवश्यक होती है)

Pseudo Work VS Deep Work –

Pseudo work is that work where you sit on the desk with your books and your mobile is with you, in which there are constant notifications or TV is on or there is any disturbance, you do not have focus and concentration in your work. Could do In the same deep work, your focus is in only one thing where your brain has no other option than to do that work. In the same pseudo work, our intensity is less and it takes more time to finish that work which drains more mental energy and the quality of that work decreases a lot, while in deep work we increase our intensity so that Time also takes less and we can complete that work more effectively.So how can we achieve deep work by increasing our intensity, we will know the answer in the next point.

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time

Where? When? How long?

Friends, we should ask ourselves these 3 questions Where? When? How long? Where you should look for an isolation place where no one is there to distract you, you are alone, there are no people around, your phone should be silent, keep only your work on your desk.

When means you should study as early as possible because as the day goes on our mental energy keeps getting spent and in the last very little energy is left, so you all should get up and start your work early by following your morning routine. Which is your most productive time. For how long, it is said that you should set your work according to 50 minutes so that you can get a break of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes. 

Autopilot Schedule –

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time (परीक्षा के समय पढ़ाई कैसे करें)

If you study then your work is fixed, you know all your syllabus, all your classes are also fixed and exams too and let me tell you the timeline of our study is already established, we have all assignments and project deadlines fixed. Who generally decides your School, College, Institute, where everyone else fixes it, you have no control over it.

You have a very good control in one thing, that is your study schedule, that is, how much you are going to achieve all your academic goals, for this you should plan how much you have to study every day, so that we can plan all our schedules. to put it on autopilot.

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time

For example – Suppose you came to know on Tuesday that your next Tuesday is Mathematics exam, now generally students do not study anything in the starting days then study too much in the last few days due to which the rest of your schedule gets spoiled as well as you You are not able to bring good results even after studying in such a short time, so make a schedule and lock the study time.

Take care of your Physical health –

Many students complain that they are not able to focus, they get a lot of sleep, they do not have energy, they are not motivated and they get sick very soon, now you think that any such student can focus in studies. It does because your physical health is the foundation of your academic excellence. So you have to maintain your health. And along with the mind, you should also take care of your body.

Clarify your doubts immediately –

How to study for exams in less time
How to study for exams in less time

Many students save their doubts while studying, which they start clearing a few days before the exam, due to which they start getting more panic about the exam, whose only solution is “Ask questions a lot of them” as intelligent as There are students, things are common in them, they have a very deep knowledge of things, it is not that they read something important and if they do not understand then they leave it, rather they clear that doubt immediately.

Because those students never feel relaxed in half knowledge. So to increase your marks you have to develop this habit for which you should attend regular classes because joining class is very important because many people feel that they can study without teacher and better than self study. You can score but it is not possible all the time.

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways how to study for exams in less time, and we hope that you liked our How to study for exams in less time article, and it is helpful for you too. Will be proved. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.



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