Why is self-discipline important

Why is self-discipline important:- Hello Friends, Welcome to today’s article Why is self-discipline important? If you want to know about why is self-discipline important (meaning and importance of discipline), then read this article till the end.

Why is self-discipline important
Why is self-discipline important

There was a boy, was well from home, one day I do not know what happened that he decided that he has to clear UPSC, he has to become an IS officer, he got excited and bought many books, joined many online courses and Settle in the new city.

Then he started his studies and there were 8 months left for the exam, he studied very vigorously in the first one month but his hard work lasted only one month, he started getting demotivate, he started getting upset due to studies, he started getting so irritated with studies that he Slowly he came back to his old style and could not crack the exam.

This happens with many students in our country, see only 1% Motivation is useful to get success in life, remaining 99% nothing happens, only self discipline happens because when a player takes Trophy, Medal in his game. When tax comes, then his self discipline is most responsible, people only know that there is a player who has brought a medal, but no one knows how hard the player has worked for that medal. The player scored only one goal from day one till now and kept running after the same goal every day.

Self discipline Power –

That’s why discipline is your ability to do that work at the time in which you should and it is not necessary to do that work whether you like that work or not, my friend 10 hours a day book Working hard for 3 years by keeping it in front is a very difficult task, and many people want to do it, but it does not matter how many years someone wants to do that hard work or does not want to do it, the only difference is that I should read that Have to work. Because it is said that first you make a decision, then that decision makes you. First you make the rules of self discipline and then discipline sets your life.

It happens many times that you meet a friend after many years and he is in a much better position than you, maybe you feel a little jealousy seeing him at that time but the truth is that he must have always followed the rules People must have changed his life but he did not change himself, he kept his self discipline

When we talk about Self Discipline?

Why is self-discipline important
Why is self-discipline important (अनुशासन का अर्थ और महत्व )

Difference Between Self Discipline and Regret –

Today you have to choose one of two things, the first is Self Discipline, the second is Regret Discipline or Regret. If you choose discipline, there is no guarantee that you will get success or not, but it is certain that if you look back in your life, you will never regret it. If today you choose discipline and you are not successful, then its pain will be for a few days, a few months or even a few years, but if you choose Regret, you will regret it and it will be so bad that even if you want to do something at that time, do not do anything. Will find

You do not need to be smarter than others to be successful, you need to be more self disciplined than others. When someone is recruited in the Army, he is first taught the lesson of Self Discipline. Discipline to perform his duty at any place at any situation at any cost, then he wins the war.

And this which is our life is also not less than any war, bullets do not fire in it but we have to fight. And to become the winner in this battle of life, first of all you have to learn something, then that is only Self Discipline.

Why is self-discipline important
Why is self-discipline important

How to become Self Discipline –

Goal Setting –

The first thing is to make Self Disciplined Goal Setting, you set a goal of your life, what do you think you should do in life, what do you think is the most important thing for your life. It can be money, it can be business, it can be job, it can be any goal, it doesn’t matter what your goal is.

Change the Sentence –

I should do this work, you should come out of this sentence and come to this line that I am doing this work, if you have any positive idea, then you have to start working in that thought and the one who starts first in the Race Chances are also highest to stay ahead because the habit of working continuously brings you to the forefront of the race.

Create a dead line  –

When a race starts, the target is in front of him whether that race is of 100 meters, 200 meters or 10 kilometers, it is the same way that the runner and mindset are there that he can prepare you mentally. . Because before doing any work, the biggest thing is to connect your thoughts with your work, before doing any work, convince yourself that I should do this work or I can do this work and should think that I should do this. I am made to do work. So you should make the dead line first That I have to do this work and in how much time, maybe you have a long vision of 10 years and if you plan and work, you may reach in 5 years.

Leave and Create habit as soon as possible –

Why is self-discipline important
Why is self-discipline important

You have to leave some habits, change some and adopt some new habits. You take a paper, I know that people do not like to write in paper, you write in mobile, come there, note what good habits you have in today’s date, which you have to make better and leave those bad habits completely. And what is such a habit which was with big people in their field of work but not in you because if you want to reach that level then you will have to change your habit.

Be responsible/ Be honest –

No matter how you live in front of the world, no matter how you be, you can fool the world but not yourself, because in this 800 crore world you are the only person who will stay with you till your last, so why make a fool of yourself You have to accept that if there is any deficiency inside you, then you will change what is the problem in that, to bring change, you have come in this world. Take care of yourself and keep moving forward.

Why is self-discipline important
Why is self-discipline important


Only a disciplined person attains the goals of his life and touches new dimensions of success and gets respect in the society. On discipline, many qualities are required by great people like discipline, consistency, struggle, silence, hard work etc.

Conclusion – 

So these were some ways why is self-discipline important (meaning and importance of discipline), and we hope that you liked this article of ours, and it will also prove to be helpful for you. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.





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