How to manage stress and anxiety

 How to manage stress and anxiety:- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article we will discuss How to manage stress and anxiety . If you know about how to manage stress and anxiety (remedy to remove mental stress), then read this article till the end.

How to manage stress and anxiety
How to manage stress and anxiety

 Friends, has it ever happened to you that you may have said or done something like this by being very angry or very happy or feeling overwhelmed, then later you may have regretted a lot that I said this.And some such decisions bring more difficulties in our life, Negative thought, Anxiety and Stress.And sometimes it seems that your mind is running continuously and you are not able to stop it even if you want to.

But it has a solution, which is found in Dan Harris’s book 10% Happier. This book teaches us how we can change our whole life forever with the help of Meditation, Mindfulness,

Although Dan Harris also did not believe in meditation so much, but it is a matter of time that Dan Harris had achieved success very early in his life, he used to work in a big news channel in America. But even after getting so much success, he used to be very upset.Then he interviewed many doctors to know about Meditation, Mindfulness, And he understood meditation and he has also cured his anxiety and depression and told how by using meditation we too can change our life and be more happy and meditated and successful than before.

Meditation Pervasiveness –

Meditation is called “Software upgrade for the brain” in Silicon ValleyAnd that’s why meditation is growing so fast in the world. Because science is also telling its many benefits. Where many studies show that it reduces your stress level and increases immunity. And increases your confidence to focus and makes it much better.

According to the study of Yale University, it has been seen that whenever we do meditation, that part of our brain gets completely deactivated from where negative thoughts are generated. So when people started doing meditation, they saw a lot of change in their life.

As you must have seen yourself that you keep talking to yourself with your mind, which has no point, you have been remembering old memories in your mind and keep thinking about the future, almost everyone does this. But by doing meditation, your mind becomes calm.

And thinking of all these things, you keep your mind in sleep mode. Because when our body is sleeping, only then our mind remains active. But, with meditation you can keep your mind calm.

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It physically changes your brain –

It was seen in Havard University that people who did 8 weeks of mindfulness course, Where he meditated every day continuously for 8 weeks, it was found that the area of ​​Gray Matter in his brain increased which is responsible for our Empathy and Self-awareness.And also the size of the area which is responsible for our stress, negativity was also reduced.

It improve your relationship with others –

Once some people were given a tape recorder, from which all their talk was recorded, From which it came to know that those people who were practicing meditation continuously, they were behaving better than other people, they were happier, And were using the word “I” very little and this is a very powerful thing, if you use the word “I” as little as possible in everyday talk, then it seems that you are destroying your ego. . As the Dalai Lama also says – “Be wise selfish rather than fooling selfish”

How to manage stress and anxiety
How to manage stress and anxiety

It makes you more productive –

As Professors say that mindfulness makes you very creative, In whose mind there is an empty space for new ideas, which you should fill with new works. And after doing meditation for only 10 days, you will see that so many thoughts will come in your mind that you will be able to do more work and be happy.

Meditation Practice –

1. Mindfulness breathing meditation –

This meditation is most used all over the world, where you have nothing to do, just pay attention to your mother-in-law. When you inhale oxygen through your nose and exhale air through your mouth, where your most attention is on your mother-in-law, but as soon as the thoughts start bothering you, you don’t get lost in those thoughts, they just come and go. You start feeling gone.

2. Guided Meditation –

In this meditation you are not meditating, but someone is telling you something and you are following it, And this is the best way for beginners. You will find many apps, YouTube channels for guidance meditation. If you find meditation very difficult, then you can do it very easily using that method.

3. Focused attention meditation –

Here you are focusing on only one place, away from all the places. It can be any thing like a song, memory etc. Anything can happen where you can stay focused for a long time Like you bring something and keep looking at it for a long time, so that your mind will go away like peace.

4. Mantra meditation –

n this, you keep repeating a mantra again and again, where you make a mantra by mixing some words, that mantra can be anything but it is important that you can feel positive with that mantra. For example – while breathing you keep saying “I am positive”.   You emptied your mind and cast this mantra and by doing this again and again, your mind will start believing by doing this thing.

 5.Moving Meditation –

In this meditation, you are focused on one thing or the other, where you can do anything that is causing movement in your body, so that you stay focused on your movements and not on your thoughts. Like walking or doing yoga.


How to manage stress and anxiety
How to manage stress and anxiety

Our mind is a single one, which cannot multitask like today’s computers, even if you notice that you open many things in your computer at once, then you will feel that you are doing many things, but it is not so. Rather the truth is that you are working very fast one after the other, your focus is not in all those tasks, but your focus is going from one place to another very fast, which damages your brain for long runs. Therefore, keep your mind calm and do meditation daily so that your mind can remain calm and you can be happy.

How to manage stress and anxiety
How to manage stress and anxiety

 Conclusion – 

So these were some ways how to manage stress and anxiety, and we hope that you have liked this article of ours, and they will also prove to be helpful for you. If you liked the post, then do not forget to comment and share it.



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