Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

Power of silence in communication :- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article, we are talking about Power of silence in communication . If you want to know about Power of silence in communication  (Importance of silence), then read this article till the end.

Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)
Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

Friends, once in the class, the teacher gave different topics to all the children to study and said that everyone has to stand in front of the class and explain their topic. The next day all the children explained their topics well, one of them was such a child who was listening to the other children and was making their notes, but when his turn came, he did not stand up, he told the teacher, Did not study in the subject. Because of this, the teacher gave him a lot of data and insult.

And after the class, the teacher said that all the topics that are there will be written paper tomorrow, the next day when everyone’s writing test was done, that child first completed the test, which the teacher had data yesterday and the teacher immediately started checking his paper and The good thing is that he got full marks in the paper.

The teacher was surprised to see this and asked that child how did you do all this, then the child replied that ma’am yesterday when other people were explaining their topic, I was listening to them and I remembered them, ma ‘am asked him how long did you study yesterday, he said 10 minutes, after checking the test paper of the rest of the children, the teacher came to know that the rest of the children had studied for 3-4 hours, yet they did not get much marks. meet.. So this is the power of silence..

And it is said that for thousands of years people have been practicing the power of silence, due to which they look unique. And being silent means staying calm has been considered as its biggest power. There are many benefits to learning to be calm such as –

Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

 You appear more powerful –

A king of France, Louis XIV, was such that the advisers and the rest were afraid to give any news to him because neither did he get angry, nor did he scold, just when he heard something he used to say, I see, and would have calmed down. These things of his used to put the rest of the people in fear, people did not know what they were thinking. He was a mighty king of his time and staying calm was his strength.

But, you are not a king, then you can become more powerful by using silence because powerful people speak very little. The more you speak, the more you will make fun of yourself and the more you remain silent, and whenever you speak, your words will have more meaning, victory, importance. If you speak less then whenever you speak people will listen to your words carefully.

People will love taking to you when you don’t talk –

Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)
Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

 Once a girl named Susan had gone to a dinner party, there she met him who was just going to talk, and Susan was also listening to her words, she was not saying anything but after dinner was over. After that the person told the party person that it was very nice to talk to Sujan. Whereas in that matter Sujan’s job was only to listen.

You can also use it, people want someone to listen and understand them. That’s why when you listen to people calmly, then you get both things from them, even if you do not understand them or want to correct them, or want to tell about yourself, but by not doing all this, then let them speak. This makes the other person feel like he is good at talking, and he feels great with you. Which is really powerful.

Silence makes you more creative –

We all know that Albert Einstein was a great genius, and at the same time he loved being alone, and he told that the reason for his sharp mind was that he lived a very quiet life.  That’s why people say that people who do not practice to be silent, those who like to work in groups, they are doing very well in their work. But they used to get lost in the environment of the group and according to what they are doing, they also start doing it so that they are not able to make a separate identity because of the rest of the people. Those who are calm and alone are able to think things well, and they are also creative.

You will learn to read people –

Friends, you must have seen that when we are talking to someone, what is going on in our mind, at that time we are listening and understanding the words of the person in front and we are also understanding their words in our mind. We are also trying to create, and above all this we are thinking our answer in our mind so that we can look good, smart and powerful.

Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)
Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence)

But if you keep more silent then you start to understand people better because your mind does not think about what to say, but you are understanding the person in front. If you keep doing this, then after some time you easily catch liars and fraud people. And whatever information you were getting, you use it according to your own good.

And a person who remains calm does not speak anything wrong quickly, because people speak without thinking and they say wrong, those people are not able to make their behavior good and are always upset. If you want to say something then say it, if you want to say something then don’t say it. Don’t try to answer everything.

Keeping calm is not only necessary for profession, it is also very important for our life..

Conclusion : 

So friends, we hope that now you have Importance of silence. Power of silence in communication (Importance of silence) must have been known. And we hope that you liked this article of ours. Let us know by commenting how you liked this article of ours.







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