Best Motivational Story in 2022

Short Motivational Story in Hindi :- Hello Friends, welcome to today’s article, in today’s article we are going to write Short Motivational Story . To know about the Best Motivational Story in 2022, then read this article till the end.

Best Motivational Story in 2022
Best Motivational Story in 2022

A true story, which we wish someone had told us a long time ago, and what we get to learn from this story will be useful for life.

Believe –

This story is about a king and his vizier (minister), the vizier was the oldest and trusted man in the king’s court. The king could have doubted his sons once, but blindly believed in the words of the vizier and this trust was about 30 years old, this belief was going on for 30 years, in so many years the vizier never disappointed the king. |

Best Motivational Story in 2022
Best Motivational Story in 2022

Every decision that the vizier took for the king always proved to be right, but in so many years the vizier had to suffer many problems, such as the vizier could not give time to his family, the enmity of many people had to be bought, but His only goal was to keep the king happy by any means, even some other ministers and people of the court were also afraid of this relationship that why there is such a good relationship, they thought that the king did not trust us so much. If he doesn’t show so much trust, then this wazir Why does it show, so in the second court assembly, always trying to humiliate and defame the Wazir in front of the king, but never succeeded in humiliating.

Time –

It is said that time is a very valuable thing, if you keep on pursuing something for a long time, then people tried a lot to spoil this relationship, then what happened to the Wazir Raja’s mission and other tasks. Gaya that he did not get time to find out that there is a huge conspiracy going on to prove him as a traitor to prove the Wazir as a traitor.

Then, in the last, everyone proved it by showing false papers and evidence that the vizier is a deceitful man and is soon going to attack the king’s throne together with the enemies, and the ministers and courtiers who conspired in front of their king. There was no slander and neither history was bad, so the king accepted all the evidence and the king did not even give a chance to the vizier to explain.

Best Motivational Story in 2022
Best Motivational Story in 2022

Means look at the time, such an old relationship has faded at the behest of someone else, the king again sentenced the vizier to death, and at that time it was the rule that the person who was sentenced at that time, it was his hands and feet. They were tied up and thrown into the shed of terrible useless dogs, those dogs used to tear off the skin of that person, it was a very painful punishment, not only the skin did not leave even the bones, and upon hearing this punishment from the vizier, I requested the king to punish me. Extended for only ten days

So that I should repay the people from whom I have taken money, so that I do not become indebted, and divide my land and wealth so that after my death there is no fight between my sons, the king accepted this as the last wish of the vizier and his punishment Give big.

Believe in yourself –

As soon as the vizier got the time of ten days, he first went to his house and took a hundred gold coins and reached the hunter who took care of those terrible and dangerous dogs, the same dogs who after ten days ate the same wazir. were |After going to the hunter, giving hundred gold coins to the hunter from the Wazir, he just said that leave me to take care of these dangerous dogs for only ten days, let me handle them, the hunters are in the greed of hundred gold coins. He agreed to this and then what happened?

For the next ten days the vizier stayed with the same dogs, fed them, took them for a walk, took them on the hunt and took care of them very well and did everything so well that on the tenth day those dogs were eating food from the hands of the vizier. Dogs are such that they never forget if you do anything for them they remember. And then on the eleventh day the vizier was brought before the king, the punishment which was to be before the king, his hands and feet were tied, and the vizier was thrown in front of those dogs so that the hunting dog would eat him,

 Then the dogs started pouncing on him but not to eat him but to play with him, all the dogs are falling on the wazir and playing with fun. And the king and the rest of the courtiers were surprised to see that why so many dangerous dogs are not eating this wazir, why are they loving.

Then did the king ask the vizier what is all this, why are these dogs not eating you? Then the Wazir said that I have taken care of these dogs for only ten days, with only ten days of care, they have refused to die, but are giving me love and serving you for thirty years and in the words and false accusations of some of my enemies. The king was disappointed to hear that he came and narrated death to me.  And apologized and gave him the old place of the vizier again and said that you are a person of trust, and those false courtiers were punished, but the vizier forgave those courtiers, if the vizier wanted, he could have put to death But he did not do so.

The vizier was confident in himself that how to avoid false accusations because if the vizier understood the king by speaking, then perhaps the king would not believe him, so he did it. We get a lesson from this story, that people believe in doing more than speaking, when no one understands you, then do it. Keep your mind calm, wait for the time and believe in yourself, if these three things are in you then everything is possible.

Conclusion : 

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