[ Top 60 ] Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022

Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022 :– Friends in this article I will tell you about Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022 in English. So Friends please read this article till end carefully. Lets Start Motivational Quotes on Life –

Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022

 1. If you are thinking positive during negative times, then you have already won.

2. The struggle you are in today is developing the strength, you need for your tomorrow.

3. If today you can’t handle stress, then tomorrow you can’t manage success.

4. Everyday learn something that will you closer to be better tomorrow.

5. It takes Nothing to join the crown it takes everything to stand alone.

6. Focus on your dream, and something new everyday.

7. Accept the reality all time, forget the past and believe in future.

8. Your direction or your field is more important than your speed.

9. Never miss the opportunity.

10. Don’t waste your time to trying impress to others.

11. Being always happy in all the situation in your life.

12. Doing mistake is always better than the fake perfection.

13. All things are difficult, before they are easy.

14. Do good , definitely good will come to you.

15. Never give up in your life because great things take time.

Motivational Quotes on Life for Students 

16. Doing good for no reason invites more suspicion.

17. Do it now, express it now, experience it now…..we don’t know if there is going to be another chance or not.

18. Being silent is much better option than telling false stories.

19. It feels good to be loved.

20. Winners focus on goal, others keep focusing on obstacles.

Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022 

21.  If important in other person’s life, we get reciprocated else it is all silence.

22. Our struggle is not the toughest, our problems are not the biggest. Narrower the outlook, gloomier becomes life.

23. Many reasons for not being able to do but winners have just one reason to do, they can’t afford failure.

24. When we can’t control even our thoughts, how could we think of controlling others.

25. Being selective is showing superiority.

Resisting what is inevitable is inviting avoidable troubles.

  Those not keeping promises are worthless.

28. We keep our originality concealed wearing masks of our choices.

29. Silence has many compulsions.

30. Mood change is frequent for those who have no plans for their life.

31.Simple is not that easy.

32. Results are the proof of incapability.

33. Sooner or later incapability reflects.

34. Rigidity is the sign of negativity.

35. The most difficult thing is to understand our own self.

Motivational Quotes for Success in 2022

36. When needed, people contact us and vice versa else it is all wild goose chase.

37. There are few blind turns in life, we just can’t avoid them.

38. A smiling face invites much better response than a wooden or sullen face.

39. Common beliefs & working style can bring people closer else distance between them keeps growing with time.

Motivational Quotes on Life in 2022

40. Value & importance is lost if not cared for.

41. Few days efforts don’t bring success, consistency of efforts is must.

42. Someone taking undue advantage is always at risk of losing love & affection.

. Resisting change is resisting probabilities.

44. Love can win over deadliest of critics & enemies.

45.  Less we know, more offence we take.

46. Anything can trigger change…for good or bad, it depends on what we have learned so far.

47. Rejection is always a possibility because better always exists.

. Strength comes from within but home remains the medium.

49. Opposites are needed & should co-exist for challenging each other for growth of better option.

50. Without a fighter inside even saints can’t achieve their sainthood.

51. Life has many saviours, we are very small to thank their generosity.

52. Most often time runs us out.

53. Moment is gone; fun is gone, opportunity is gone. Every moment is so very precious.

54. Wrong decision is better than no decision. It atleast throws open further possibilities.

55. The beauty is in knowing & honouring the bond that exists between us.

56. Questioning is always hated & seems wrong, more so when we feel that we are doing our best.

57.  Best of alertness fails when intention is not pure.

58. Rigidity is fragile.

59.  Flexibility is the sign of life.

60. No one can ever be independent. Dependency is law of universe.


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